Dear career woman,

stressed out and tense all the time at home or at work?
Do you absolutely
hate it when someone tells you to "just relax"?
Do you secretly
envy those women who make it look so easy?

Do less.
Be more.

Like many women, you probably find practicing yoga and meditation too difficult, too slow and too boring. Instead of relaxing you, these exercises make you even more frustrated, irritated and restless!

You know why?

You are probably making 1 of 3 very common mistakes:

A. You may be OVERDOING relaxation

B. You may be OVERTHINKING relaxation

C. You may be PERFORMING relaxation

The truth is that this is not at all about "doing" anything, let alone "performing" or "overfunctioning". This is NOT a task; it is a new way of BEING. It is about STOPPING the 'doing'.

It is a chosen break from those 3 mistakes above! Yup.


Here is your 3-step solution guide to Being, Emoting & Receiving:

1. be gentle with yourself

(this is not a test nor a competition)

2. listen to your body

(scan your body, allow emotions to come up, breathe & slowly exhale the tension out)

3. save the audio to your phone

(this will make it super easy to build that habit)

Download my free 7-minute audio to use anywhere-anytime. Find your breath, slow down, drop into your feminine and simply ..... BE.

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